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What if your relationship with
the Divine felt completely

You're likely a woman whose heart thirsts for God. Not necessarily your Grandma's God, but a God who delights in you - every bit of you. Many of the mystics wrote of having nearly indescribable relationships with The One. Luscious and full-bodied. Intimate and surrendered. Hard to imagine in today's world, but still available to us, if we'll simply slow down and say 'yes.' I've created a short series of videos sharing poetry of the mystics, with a short meditation to help you soften your heart as you bask in the love of the Divine. Contact Us to receive access to a new video every other day over the next week.


Kamala Murphey

Spiritual teacher | Mentor |guide

My passion is to work with women "of a certain age" who are experiencing anxiety about their aging: loss of looks, a sense of identity, a sense of value. All of a sudden not being young and pretty can come as quite a shock - and bring with it a sense of grief.

It can be both mind-boggling and heart-breaking to realize how much your looks mattered to you; how much of your identity was tied to your looks. After all, you'd always felt you were much more than your looks. Although being attractive never hurt, did it?


Lift your spirits, heal your heartache,
live a vibrant life.

As you age, sometimes it feels like your body – and life itself – betrays you. It can feel like a huge loss, one you may be grieving over, likely
unconsciously. Discovering a deeper connection with the Divine gives you a different view of yourself, your worth, and your life.

  • Spiritual Success Mentor Sacramento

    Soul Spa

    An energetic refresh for your Heart & Soul to relieve anxiety, stress, and bitterness, giving you a sense of peace, clarity, and a renewed connection with Spirit, to make your way forward with less struggle...

  • Spiritual Life Coach Sacramento

    Deep Heart Healing

    Sometimes you just feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders AND your heart. You don’t know how much more you can stand. Your heart feels as tight as a wrung-out towel. And you just want some relief, some peace, so you can breathe again...

  • Life Coach for Midlife Women

    Vibrantly Alive!

    You’re a bright, well-educated woman “of a certain age.”  You’ve been married quite a while. Your kids have left the house. Yes, you’ve been a wife, mother and working woman, and now you’re wondering...



Spiritual Healer Sacramento

Facing Your Good
Girl's Shadow

Spiritual Teacher Sacramento


Spiritual Teacher Sacramento Spiritual Teacher Sacramento

It's Time to Set Yourself Free

I'm so excited you are here, so that you can learn how to set yourself free in these challenging times of change.

My passion is to show women how to move from heartache or heartbreak to a life full of love and fulfilment. Let me help you rekindle the faith and hope, so you can step forward into your life with confidence and strength.

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I work with smart, sensitive women who’ve experienced heartbreak or heartache and long to feel whole again.

Heartbreak can come in a variety of forms – a relationship ends, a spouse cheats, a loved one dies, a dream disintegrates. Whether your heartache comes from a loss or a deep and bitter disappointment, it’s painful. It becomes a sore spot that you want to protect, to avoid, to keep hidden. Often, the ache lingers, your heart feels empty and parched, and the pain seems too much to bear.

But WHAT IF the bigger purpose for your life required you to have an even bigger heart, a bigger love, a bigger dream? WHAT IF your heart, as it was, had to break to make room for something bigger, bolder, and ever so much better?...

What if the Divine has a bigger plan for your life and had to break your hold on what you had been grasping, so that more good could reach in and fill you? When you feel the most broken, the most raw, it’s a sign that you’re actually more ready to receive the Love you need – and have wanted all along.

If you know your heart needs the gentle, tenderness of Love and Healing, let’s connect for a chat – simply click the button below.