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Grant Yourself Permission

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Who could have imagined 2020 would turn out like it has?

I lean towards being an introvert, so for most of the last five months, sheltering in place hadn’t been a huge problem. But this month something changed.

I’d reached my limit for being okay with staying home. Lots of little things that wouldn’t have bothered me in normal circumstances irked me no end…and they kept piling up! It felt like EVERYTHING was going wrong. Irritation and frustration turned into anger.  I could barely stand being in my own skin. I wanted to SMASH things. Hitting a punching bag didn’t cut it.

Then on the 12th, which would have been my mother’s birthday, I had one of those woo-woo experiences that helps me make more sense of things.

I ‘heard’ my mother reminding me of how frustrated she was in her life.  How she’d never had permission to break out of the roles she’d played. It seemed like she was telling me that this anger, this discomfort, was a call to smash through a shell I was living in.

It was my soul crying out that it was time for a change.

Maybe some deeper part of you has been crying out, too?

Time for change

I think it’s becoming more and more clear that the soul of humanity is crying out for change. Yet change is not always easy or comfortable. It can be hard work, calling us far out of our comfort zone.

Barbara (Stanny) Huson writes, “If we want a seat at the table, it’s our job to take it.” Most of us weren’t raised to take the seat! Who were we to be that bold?

If we haven’t been that bold in the past, is it time to grant ourselves permission to be a little ‘badass’?   To smash through our old shells? Here are some suggestions from Ms. Huson that will help:

  • Notice every time you devalue yourself or dismiss your strengths and STOP, immediately shifting your focus to the unique and valuable the gifts you have to offer
  • Notice where you give your power away and strive to take it back by speaking up—asking for what you want, saying ‘no’ to what you don’t—in your home, your community, your workplace
  • Notice when you feel scared, isolated or helpless and make yourself reach out for support, then offer to help and encourage others in this endeavor

I’ve noticed each time I’ve done any of these things, I feel a little stronger and trust myself a little more. I’d love to hear what you experience!

Wishing you blessings, heart, and chutzpah!