Lessons from a Fender Bender

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For many years I’ve been a big believer in the wisdom and messages I get from the Universe. I like to think I’m tuned in most of the time. And yet occasionally I’m reminded I’m not when I get a rather rude wake-up call! Argh.

Recent lessons (or rather REMINDERS) from a fender bender:

1. Pay attention to your inner knowing.
It’s 7:30 in the morning. I’m excited about getting to my appointment at StretchLab. But at this time of day, I know the angle of the sun can make seeing difficult on this stretch of road.

2. Listen to that little whisper.
Wow! The sun is really bright this morning…maybe this isn’t a good idea. At least slow down and pull further to the right, just in case there’s a car coming the other way and you can’t see it.

1 (AGAIN, as the voice gets louder). Pay attention to your inner knowing and do NOT drive if you can’t see!
The light hits my windshield and I am literally blinded by bright light. That inner knowing shouts, “You can’t see anything!”

That is, until the rear end of a truck suddenly comes into full view, moments before my bumper smacks the trailer hitch.


We’ve probably all heard the reminder that when God, Spirit, the Universe wants to get our attention it starts with a whisper, then a nudge, then a two-by-four. I’m grateful that this was a light tap of the two-by-four!! No one injured, no damage to his truck, only minor damage to my car.

3. Be open to other messages and lessons:
Over the next few days, many more lessons revealed themselves. Gratitude, compassion, ‘seeing clearly’ to name a few. But one of the most significant to me was ‘hearing’ an inner voice saying time after time, “I’m afraid.” I kept pushing that voice aside – telling myself to get over it – what’s done is done, etc.

But the voice didn’t stop. Finally, it dawned on me: a very young part of me WAS afraid and needed comfort for what had been a traumatic event – even if it was only a ‘fender bender.’ She wanted to be held and to feel safe. She wanted – and was insisting – to be listened to and heard.

One thing she wanted was some alone time with her under a cozy, weighted blanket! Half an hour soothed her (and me) and made a world of difference!

You may not have had a car accident or any other type of ‘two-by-four’ occurrence (I hope you haven’t!), but a quiet voice may still be whispering to you. If you sense an inner voice is talking to you, I urge you to take some quiet, alone time and see what that voice might have to say! It’s great self-care!

Peace to your heart and passion to your purpose!

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