Uncovering Your Authentic You

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I recently had a guest on my Heart & Chutzpah podcast. Her topic was about her journey from doing all the “right things” but feeling lost and miserable to finding how to love herself unconditionally.

One of the things she mentioned was self-abandonment. After we’d finished the episode, that term stuck with me. It made me think about my own life. I know there were plenty of times I sabotaged myself or my plans – that would qualify as self-abandonment. But, looking back and digging in a little deeper, I had to wonder – had I ever really ‘owned’ myself enough to self-abandon?

In all honesty, I’d spent so many years just trying to fit in, look good, do what was expected of me, that I had almost no idea of what was important to me until the last 10 years or so! Even today, I sometimes struggle to figure out if I’m operating from some old ways of thinking or behaving that I’d adopted to be acceptable to family or friends or taking an action that’s based on what I’ve discovered for myself.

Does that sound familiar to you? So many women I’ve talked with seem to experience something similar. All that training to be people-pleasers runs deep! Here’s a prayer by a favorite author:

Change me Divine Beloved into One who can fully embrace my
authentic self. Release me from the prison of pleasing and adapting
to the expectations of others. Free me from the fear of judgment.
Let me step into my own glorious true Self exactly as You made me.
Allow me to know that I am enough, exactly as I am.
– Tosha Silver

I’ve done a number of podcast episodes dealing with people pleasing and being a “good girl” – you might want to check some of them out here:

https://kamala-murphey-coaching.webware.io/pages/sacramento-spiritual-healing-life-coaching-podcasts or Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/heart-chutzpah-podcast/id1475942581

These times are hard!

Let’s be honest, the world we live in IS hard. It’s easy to become frustrated, angry and resentful, to harden our hearts in response to the harshness.

Even though you have your moments of wanting to let your inner fire-breathing dragon loose (don’t we all?), you know your way is different.

If you’ve struggled the past months with bitterness or heartache, I understand. Last month’s Soul Soak included a meditation to help ease those feelings. (Let me know if you’d like the recording) However, you may recognize that you want more, a greater sense of relief, a release of that pain and bitterness.

That’s why I’m offering a new 3-session package to do a deeper healing and releasing of the heartache and bitterness that you might be feeling. The work you do, the light you bring to this world, is special. It’s meant to flow through you with love, but it can’t when your heart is clenched and aching.

So, I ask you to take a moment now to just feel into your heart area. If you feel tight or clenched or unbearably sad, you’re not alone! And you don’t have to deal with it alone. Please reach out to me to find out more about the above-mentioned package. Here’s the link to schedule with me: https://kamala-murphey-coaching.webware.io/pages/book-now

Peace to your heart and passion to your purpose,