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Sending warm wishes to you and a warm welcome to our newer readers! For those of you in the northern hemisphere, it’s Spring – and for me, that’s cause for celebration! I can get all giddy over the simplest things. This year, the magpies making a nest in the tree behind our house have me out in the yard every morning with binoculars, watching their progress.

And, I’m really

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grateful this year because, after several years of severe hip pain, Hubby finally had his hip replaced a few weeks ago! The poor guy had been hobbling for so long – it was painful to watch, especially as the hip joint became worse and surgery became inevitable.

Seeing all this happen and being a big part of Hubby’s aftercare reinforced for me the importance of taking good care of our health – on many levels!

I’m pondering these questions: What does it take for us to live vital, healthy lives? Not just the physical, but in all areas? What does it take to live a LUSCIOUS life?

What’s exciting is that, aside from eating healthy foods and exercising, a lot of the rest we get to choose for ourselves! A client recently came up with the idea that creating a luscious life might be like dating life. Try things out, find the ones that light you up, and say “yes, more of that, please!”

Sometimes we’ve gotten so caught up with what’s going on around us, that we’ve forgotten what lights us up and what we want more of! (and given the state of the world, that’s not surprising) Today, notice what makes you smile, what you’d like more of in your life, and maybe just send up a quick prayer: “Yes, thank you, more of that, please!”