Cranky pants

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A couple of times this week I’ve wakened cranky. Snippets of unpleasant dreams still playing in my mind.


Everything annoys me: the whining of the coffee grinder, the cat playing her game: mewing to be let in – and then walking away when I open the door. My rosacea flaring. My own damn whining!


I’m not good cranky. I want to figure out a way to not BE cranky. NOW.

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Fortunately, I have friends and tools that remind me that that cranky part of me just wants a little attention. She’s tired or hungry or she’s had a bad dream. Just like a cranky baby, she probably needs a little soothing. A little comforting. A little cuddle.

She needs to be paid attention to. To have her well of love, energy, and well-being filled up.

And, boy, that cranky baby inside me really does respond to even just a little attention!

Do you have a tired, cranky, hungry, frustrated part of you trying desperately to get your attention? (After this past year, I think most of us do!) I invite you to spend even just a few minutes and acknowledge that part. See if it has something to say to you, see if it can tell you what it needs – or if it doesn’t just calm down a little when you give it a little tender, loving care.

I’d love to hear what you notice! Does it help soothe you?