Kamala Murphey Coaching & Mentoring


Opening the door to transformation...

My passion is to work with women "of a certain age" who are experiencing anxiety about their aging: loss of looks, a sense of identity, a sense of value. All of a sudden not being young and pretty can come as quite a shock - and bring with it a sense of grief.

It can be both mind-boggling and heart-breaking to realize how much your looks mattered to you; how much of your identity was tied to your looks.  After all, you'd always felt you were much more than your looks. Although being attractive never hurt, did it?

When you hear the word heartbreak, you may think of a broken romance. But dashed hopes and dreams, unmet expectations, and other losses  - like our looks - can be just as devastating. And that ache can create stumbling blocks that may be more subtle and more difficult to fathom.

But, I know that when the heart is broken, surprisingly, it's actually an opportunity to create incredible transformation in your life. An opportunity for a new perspective, for more love, compassion, and healing to come in, if you're willing to allow it.  

That's the sweet spot for me as a spiritual mentor.

Always a bit of a mystic, 17 years ago I became acquainted with Sufism and the idea of "Oceans of Love." The practices I learned deepened my connection with God and my innate abilities to transmit love, peace and healing.  I am a Sufi Master Teacher and have Masters degrees in Counseling and Theology, so my passion has always been about helping others awaken to possibility through challenges, grief and sometimes tragedy.

I teach and mentor women to be the leaders in their own lives, to find their own sense of beauty, vitality, and a rich, full life, even over 50!  Through my programs and workshops, I enable women to connect with and savor a connection with the Divine and live a luscious life.

I live in Northern California with my hubby and (currently) one fluffy feline, Phoebe.