Programs to Heal Your Heart &
Reinvigorate Your Spirit

Life Coaching & Spiritual Healing

You're a bright, education, heart-centered woman “of a certain age.”  Suddenly, you realize you're in the autumn of your life. You’ve given so much to others, putting yourself on the back burner. Without knowing it, you've lost a lot of yourself and let a lot of life pass you by.  

You’re facing heartache. The kids leaving, a cheating spouse, the sudden death of a dear friend. Life has given you a wake-up call.  You know there's more to Life and to YOU.  You may have lived a lot of your life for others, but now it's your turn.  This heartache is an invitation from the Divine to open your heart again, find or reawaken your passion, and find the way to the rich life you're yearning for. 

Soul Spa Series

An energetic refresh for your Heart & Soul to relieve anxiety, stress, and bitterness, giving you a sense of peace, clarity, and a renewed connection with Spirit, to make your way forward with less struggle. 
You've worked hard and you're proud of the success you've achieved. You like being able to manage things in your life, to feel competent.
But the last few years have rocked you!.  You feel exhausted, worn out, and frustrated.  Angry even.  And, if you start to notice what's going on in your body, you realize you feel like you're tied in knots.


Soothing for Your Heart & Soul

Sometimes you just feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders AND your heart.  You don’t know how much more you can stand.  Your heart feels as tight as a well-wrung towel.  And you just want some relief, some peace, so you can breathe again. 

In this series of six sessions, you’ll feel the freedom and release of things that have bound your heart tightly.   You get to re-experience the truer you AND you get to breathe.  Deeply.


You’re a bright, well-educated, mature woman.  You’ve been a wife, mother, and working woman.  You've actually had a pretty great life, but you know, deep down, there's something more.  With the kids gone, now you’re wondering – What now?  Who am I now?  What do I want to do with my life next?  


What's Your Heart Yearning For?

Life Coaching Sacramento

Whether you're feeling the heartbreak of dashed dreams or bitter disappointment or the heartache of what feels like an unlived life, there's a program here for you.