Have I found you?

You’re a bright, well-educated woman “of a certain age.”  You’ve been married quite a while. Your kids have left the house. Yes, you’ve been a wife, mother and working woman, and now you’re wondering – What now?  Who am I now?  What do I want to do with
my life next?  

You love your hubby, but the marriage is kinda stale. Sometimes you feel nearly invisible – like another piece of well-upholstered furniture in your beautiful home.  And you want more.  You want more for YOU.  You want YOU to be the priority in your life.  Yeah, you want a good marriage, but there’s something else nagging at you.

You have all these feelings (frustrated, angry, sad, lonely, hopeless)... and you wonder what’s wrong with you! I mean, you’ve got a life other gals would love!

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But deep down, you feel like you’re missing something. You can’t quite name it, but you sure know the ache. A feeling you’re meant for more. A meaningful purpose. And, if you’re really honest, you’ve got this sneaking suspicion it’s a relationship with the Divine, an sense of God’s purpose for your life that you’re really wanting.

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Here’s the problem: women like us have a lot going for us – we’re totally blessed and we know it…

But the truth is, under the nagging, gnawing discontentment, this emptiness is breaking your heart.

Just between us, the things that you thought would bring you happiness, the things you were told you should strive for, won’t fill that aching in your heart.  It may be hard to admit, but it’s true.

How could you have done EVERYTHING right: been the good girl, good student, gone to the right school, gotten the right degree, married the great guy, raised good kids and STILL feel that something’s definitely NOT right.

All the nice clothes, nice trips, and luxury spa treatments “to soothe the soul” do nothing to fill the void.  Talk therapy, retail therapy (and a little too much wine therapy) don’t do the trick either.

Dammit, you feel like you’ve been sold a bill of goods, and you’ve come up empty-handed and empty-hearted! (And that can lead you to feeling like there’s something wrong with you or that you’re just not good enough).

My Beloved, our families really did want the best for us, and gave us the best advice they could, but they couldn’t teach us what they didn’t know.  They still had in mind that success for a woman was going to be about her family, her marriage, maybe her work.   But fulfillment?  Healing an aching heart?  Nah.  Probably not even on their radar screens.

So, in your family’s eyes, you’ve got it made.  But you know there’s something else your heart needs for YOU to feel truly successful. You know - the version of success that works for you - on fire for your life, vibrant and alive.  To feel that though, there’s a rekindling of your love for God that needs to be sparked - and it needs to be done your way.

  • Module One
  • Module Two
  • Module Three
  • Module Four
  • Module Five

Why Are You So Unhappy – The Bill Of Goods You Were Sold

In this module, you’ll discover what’s beneath your heartache and nagging discontent – that bill of goods you were sold. You’ll recognize that certain thoughts, beliefs and behaviors have been keeping you stuck and miserable – and that you can shift them.

Awareness gives you choice – opportunities to make choices that lift you up and bring you closer to the life you want to live.  In this module you’ll  also learn a step by step process to shift thoughts and behaviors quickly and simply.

Rediscover Your True Desire - The Soul’s Insistent Call

It’s been covered up for quite a while, but this module brings you back to what you really long for - what that nagging discontentment was all about. You’ll remember and recognize your deep desire to know the Divine.  In doing so, you’ll find the treasure your heart’s been directing you to.

Recognizing and beginning to quench your deep desire for connection with the Divine, lessens your “need” for other things. You’ll find you have less desire for the things you’ve used to try to fill you up: food, shopping, alcohol, internet.  You’ll also find you can relax a little and release your grasp on the things you’ve been holding on to so tightly – like trying to meet everyone else’s expectations – or trying to prove you’re good enough (whatever that means!).

Building Your New Relationship With The Divine

Unfortunately, most of us grew up with a distorted image of God, often equating God with our biological father. If your relationship with your father was strained (or worse), you’ve likely assumed a similarly tense relationship with God. What if you could change that?

Through this module, you’ll discover new ways of looking at the Divine that feed your heart and soul. You’ll begin to build a brand new relationship with God, free from all the fear and judgment you’ve probably carried from childhood.

Woman Thou Art Loosed: Set Yourself Free From Shame, Guilt, And Not-Enoughness

In this module, you’ll open your heart to greater intimacy with God, as the Beloved. You’ll also become acquainted with the Qualities of the Divine that you carry that make you, you, allowing you to experience true joy and playfulness while connecting with the Divine. This part of our work helps you shift your relationship with the Divine to one of feeling beloved, treasured, and cherished.

You’ll receive your personalized Divine Recipe chart listing out the beautiful Qualities of the Divine that YOU have been blessed with, and are meant to share.

Ignite The Fire Inside You - Let Your Heart Light Up And Lead You

This module helps you recognize that no matter what flaws you believe you have, you are delighted in by the Divine. Knowing you have all that you need and are Spirit led and Spirit-fueled, you can live a life you love - and love to share.

This work isn’t for the faint of heart - it’s for women with big, tender, and courageous hearts.  For women who, deep down, know that they’ve been created after God’s own heart. And if there’s anything I know about you it’s that you’ have a heart for God.  It may have wandered a bit throughout the years, but it’s being called now, big time.  Together, we will walk you through the steps and processes so that you can finally discover – and be ignited by – the fire that’s burning in you – heart and soul.


You’re a bright, well-educated, mature woman.  You’ve been a wife, mother, and working woman.  You've actually had a pretty great life, but you know, deep down, there's something more.  With the kids gone, now you’re wondering –

What now?  Who am I now?  What do I want to do with my life next?

Amazing Woman

You're at that age where you're starting to realize that, as an older woman, you seem to be becoming invisible, less significant. Sure, you're not the fresh-faced woman you were, but you're certainly not ready to just wither away. In fact, you're ready to shake off all the old programming and BE AMAZING!