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    I am grateful and appreciative of your supporting me with your love during my deep transformational process I am in.  I am clear that I am learning how to love myself deeply, to cherish myself deeply and to take care of myself deeply.  The big expansion lies deep inside me and I can feel it’s wanting to express itself.  It is happening, and this time it’s expression is coming from such a different place! 

    Rita Hovakimian
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    It has been my good fortune and blessing to work with and know Kamala Murphey for many years now. Working with Kamala is an experience of being guided, accepted and held exactly where we are and finding the encouragement and support we need to help us have the strength and courage to confront whatever challenges or problems we are facing in our life. Kamala is always warm, kind, and non-judgmental creating an atmosphere of safety to honestly connect at a deep level and feel safe to be open and vulnerable to share whatever is happening and preventing us from experiencing the best of life and what we would like our lives to look and feel like. If you’re facing challenges in your life right now or just aren’t as happy as you would like to be, Kamala is a wonderful resource to help you rediscover the life that you have always dreamed of living.

    Michelle A., Roseville, CA
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    You are one of those “charming gardeners” who has made my soul blossom.  You are brilliant, warm, and loving! 

    Danielle Cuomo
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    Kamala’s gentle yet powerful healing can open you up to receive your heart’s desires.  She helped me create the space for something I deeply desired and I’m so grateful.  I highly recommend her work.

    Nancy Marmolejo
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    I am honored to share with you the joy and freedom I experienced working with Kamala. Honestly, I was a little nervous when we began our sessions because I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from her style of energy healing. But after our first call, I was hooked! Kamala provided a safe place for me to surrender and let go so I could connect with myself and get to know more about my inner world. She gently guided me on a journey of self-discovery and self-caring that allowed me to feel the full embodiment of love, joy, and Spirit. If you want to discover more about yourself, I urge you to connect with Kamala and experience her passion for healing. You will leave every session feeling alive, buoyant, and blessed.

    Toni Snyder
    Holistic Health Coach
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    I felt cocooned in love and peace - and I really needed that right now.

    Sara Blumenfeld
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    I went through the day feeling happier, smarter and thinner just from speaking with you.

    Laura Deneen
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    With your support, I feel as though I’d recovered my old self.

    First of all I have been beating myself up for a very long time about being a failure and on Monday morning I suddenly got that actually I’ve done a **** amazing job bringing up my daughter alone over the past twenty years.  (I mentioned this to a friend on Tuesday morning and she said “But it’s not just being a success as a mother.  You’re a really inspiring teacher and I’ve seen for myself the light go on in people’s eyes during courses you've run - and just because you haven’t been teaching for a while doesn't mean that you aren’t a success.”  So that was nice too!)

    The second thing is that I suddenly found myself praying for my ex-husband on Tuesday in a much deeper way than I’ve ever prayed before, and asking for him to be released from whatever karma has been between him and me, and him and our daughter.  That was a bit of a surprise!  But it felt very good.

    Anne Hathaway, London, UK
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    We all have those moments when we need support. I reached out to Kamala when I felt stuck in a pattern of emotions that was not serving me. She helped me gently and compassionately reconnect with spirit. I feel more in flow with life. I am very thankful for her gentle support and encouragement.

    Tanya Levy
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    Kamala’s special gift of being able to energetically tune into emotional blocks during coaching sessions has been nothing short of miraculous. As I relate a troubling issue she senses where in my body the obstacle resides and is able to transform it with so much grace and ease.

    Being able to do this over the phone might seem impossible to some, but I can attest to the validity of it. Sometimes, I’m only vaguely aware of a block or obstacle, but once we tune in and Kamala starts working with what she sees as the tangled energies and beliefs, they open up and I have a sense of flow and freedom.

    On a recent call, I had an image of one of my pioneer ancestors recognizing that the she was being set free from beliefs about hardship and struggle.  The energetic untangling Kamala and I were doing made her life simpler, and her entire lineage was also being set free.  Afterwards, I felt a renewed sense of strength and power opening in me.  The sense of angst and frustration I felt at the beginning of our call was GONE.

    Whether or not the image of a pioneer ancestor was “real” or not is immaterial, because the instant relief I experienced was undeniable.

    Kamala creates a sense of safety and caring that I’m able to open up even the tender places that are in such need of healing.   I highly recommend Kamala as a healer and coach – especially for women whose old wounds are causing them problems today and need a tender touch to guide them.

    Jennifer Grainger
    Coach & Author, Lodi CA